Sonntag, März 05, 2006

Leroy Holmes - Hawaii with a Bongo Beat (1961)

In this unique recording Leroy Holmes has successfully blended two, individually distinctive types of music: the tropically melodious themes of the Hawaiian Islands, and the popular new "Nashville" beat! Leroy approached this difficult combination of musical styles with the understanding that comes with knowledge gained from a long-time intimacy with popular music. He had to mold the fiery rhythm of the bongo drum into an arrangement that would pep-up the breezy music of the Islands. The result is amazing! You hear the well loved Hawaiian melodies in real modern rhythm.

You will happily recognize your favorite Island tunes, and you may even hear a few that are unfamiliar, for LeRoy has balanced his selection of well-known numbers by including a few which are heard less frequently.

Leroy's heavy string section keeps the orchestra from sounding like a dance band, while four trombones lend real brass excitement to the music. Voices without lyrics sing along with the melodic line to give the music personality - the women sing with the strings and the men with the trombones.