Donnerstag, März 29, 2007

Horst Wende - Happy Harmonica (1967)

I´m happy to complete my Horst Wende / Roberto Delgado record collection very soon. I´m really looking forward to this! But while waiting, I´ll listen to Horst´s "Happy Harmonica" album from 1967, which has some very happy tunes on it (who thought of that?) and which shows you, that "Letkiss" sounds great on accordion too. This medley´s got some funny singing on it as well, so please enjoy Mr. Wende and his accordion combo...

Freitag, März 23, 2007

Helmut Zacharias - Wenn der weiße Flieder wieder blüht (1962)

Helmut Zacharias. Everybody knows this man, so I don´t have to tell you much about him, right? But I have a few words for you: Helmut Zacharias was one of the greatest violinists in the world and was also known as "Der Zaubergeiger" (The Magic Violinist). He starred as a sideshow-actor in many 60´s movies, playing his violin (in Bars and Cafés in the background etc). From this famous record I´ll bring you the title track, which is one of his most famous tunes. Since I´m not a botanist, I don´t know if this plant on the cover is known to you as "White Lilac", but let´s call it so. Spring is coming soon, and so will the white lilac blossom soon. This will attract butterflies, and me and my children love to watch them in our garden. So, if you love butterflies and lilac, here´s the right tune to enjoy them. Helmut Zacharias died in 2002, but his violins will live on...

Montag, März 19, 2007

Joe Goods - Hammond Party (1966)

I spent my weekend uploading various stuff to my filehoster to fulfill some requests. This time I present a full album again. I do this just for YOU, so I hope that you´ll appreciate that... This one goes out especially to all those Hammond-lovers, who wrote me to post more Hammond-stuff. Well, I must admit, that I don´t know anything about Joe Goods at all, except that he plays the Hammond and that he likes a lot of drinks to go with it, according to the cover. That can´t be so bad at all, and it really isn´t. So you should grab your favorite bottle and join Joe´s party...

Mittwoch, März 14, 2007

Tony Mottola - Roman Guitar (1966)

I suppose you all know who Tony Mottola was, so I don´t have to introduce him at all. I only want to present this album, because it is named after me! Wow! There´s no album called "Henry Guitar", "Bill Guitar" or "Peter Guitar", but there is "Roman Guitar". What a great title! That´s why I bring you the title track of this album, named "Roman Guitar" too. Please enjoy...

Samstag, März 10, 2007

Bert Kaempfert - A Swingin' Safari (1962)

I always wanted to present you this album from 1962, because it is one of Bert´s best albums ever. It was so good, that he released another African-sounding album named "Safari Swings Again" in 1977. Unfortunately the follow-up was not such a big success as this one. You may know this tune from the radio, maybe from other artists, who covered this great piece of music, but here´s the one and only original Bert Kaempfert, who actually wrote this song. Now you may take a seat in the zebra-striped Land Rover and go on safari with Bert...

Freitag, März 09, 2007

Horst Wende - Bei Pfeiffers ist Ball (1962)

Here you have the other side of Roberto Delgado. As I´ve told you before, Roberto is Horst disguised as a Mexican. To disguise yourself as a Mexican, you only need three things: A poncho, a sombrero and a big cigar. Plus you must play Latin rhythms, otherwise nobody would believe that you´re a Mexican. I don´t know why, but a real stereotype Mexican would never touch an accordion. Since Mr. Wende was not only a great arranger and bandleader, but an excellent accordion player as well, he kept releasing his accordion albums as "Horst Wende" until the late 70´s. Here you can listen to a tune you might know from the intermissions of NHL hockey-games. It´s the famous "Sportpalast-Walzer", written by Siegfried Translateur (1875 - 1944). This music is also known to my Austrian neighbors as "Wiener Praterleben"...

Montag, März 05, 2007

Mats Olsson - Swedish Brass (1966)

A great album from Sweden´s favorite brass player from the year 1966. I don´t know why he calles this song "Lappland", it sounds more like being from the south. Way down south, but not that far south... I can´t help but feeling like I´ve heard this one before, but with a different title... ;o)