Montag, Oktober 31, 2005

Les Baxter - Que Mango (1970)

Well, well, who thought of that? Four votes ahead of Esquivel´s classic album, but the choice was yours... This is a late album by Les Baxter, from the year 1970, so it might be unfamiliar to many listeners, since I´ve read some reviews in which people are disappointed with this work. Not me, I´ll tell you! This is the perfect example of the so-called "Jet-Set-Music". When you listen to this, you are boarding a jet and you lift off to see the world. This is his second album with the fabulous "101 Strings". Highlights are "Tropicando" and the "Flight in the Andes". They show again the outstanding talents of Les Baxter as a composer, orchestrator and conductor. But hear for yourself and judge.

Mittwoch, Oktober 26, 2005

James Last - Sax à Gogo (1967)

Yep, another one for this week, but this will be the Last one. Hoho, did you notice that? I wrote "last" with a capital letter. What a joke, huh? Yes, I think this happens to me from time to time since I joined the "Humor-Club" in my hometown...
Anyway, this is another gem from the maestro Sir James Last from the year 1967, another one from the "à gogo"-series, this time with a featured saxophone. I personally don´t like saxophones much, but this one is quite good. Please enjoy!

Werner Müller - Percussion In The Sky (1962)

Another German musician, Werner Müller, has contributed several albums to the "London Phase 4"-series. He was the leader of the "RIAS-Tanzorchester" in Berlin and later became leader of the "WDR-Tanzorchester" in Cologne. Both were popular radio-stations at that time. Now, WDR still is a popular radio-station, especially "WDR 4", where sometimes you can listen to music like this. But they´re not connected to "Phase 4"...
Anyway, here´s one of his greatest works, "Percussion in the Sky" from the year 1962. On this record, he uses wordless vocals, sound effects, whistling, and other touches to lend an "other-world-feeling" to the numbers. Funny sound, especially "Don´t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes", which was made popular by Perry Como, I guess...

Montag, Oktober 24, 2005

Perez Prado - Pops And Prado (1959)

And here it is, last week´s poll-winner. Good choice, my guests! Latin beat goes Space-Age-Pop. This is the first album that he added a Conn and a Hammond organ to his music, I guess. On most tracks only one of these electric organs is used, but on "Carolina In The Morning", "You're Driving Me Crazy!", "Paper Doll" and "If You Knew Susie", both are used. What a sound! This is Latin rhythm with a touch of North American pop, plus his trademark-shout "Ugh!" on many tracks. Please enjoy this fine piece of music.

Donnerstag, Oktober 20, 2005

The Three Suns - Here Come The Suns, EP (1958)

For all the fans of Mamie Eisenhower, here´s her favorite band again, although I doubt that Mamie loved those guys because of their wild and innovative arrangements. But nevertheless here´s an EP from the year 1958 which features four titles: "Harbor Lights", "The Message", "Kandy Kazoo" and "Smoke Rings". Some crazy stuff, especially the one with the kazoo. And we have a pretty tame one, "Harbor Lights". Yep, let´s just say Mamie would have loved that one...

Mittwoch, Oktober 19, 2005

Nelson Riddle - Sea of Dreams (1958)

This is one of my absolute favorite records when it comes to soft music and lush arrangements. This possibly is the most romantic music ever heard, but hear for yourself. By the way, this cover alone is worth having the album, it´s as beautiful as Les Baxter´s "Jewels of the Sea" (see below). Highly recommended for special occasions, THE music for home alone with someone...
Grab your favorite person and listen to this most beautiful music together. Afterwards you can invite me to your wedding or sue me for to pay alimony...

Montag, Oktober 17, 2005

Dick Schory - Music For Bang, Baaroom And Harp (1959)

Woohoo, that was close. Only two votes ahead of Les Baxter´s "Ports of Pleasure", but what the heck: The people have chosen. And they made a good choice. Dick Schory´s Album from the year 1959 features the "Biggest Battery of Percussion West of Cape Canaveral". So, if You like percussion, this is your record. Percussion, percussion, percussion, nothing but percussion. Have fun!

Donnerstag, Oktober 13, 2005

James Last - Hammond à Gogo 3 (1969)

I know, that you´ve been waiting for this one. But now the waiting has ended. Here´s the third part of the cool Hammond-Sound of James Last from the year 1969. It´s an all-time favorite and not only for dancing...
And here´s the tracklist:

1. Volare * You Do Something To Me * Calcutta
2. Dance Ballerina Dance * Strawberry Cha-Cha-Cha * If I Were A Rich Man
3. Ich hätt' getanzt heut' Nacht * When You're Smiling * Isabell
4. The Impossible Dream * Autumn
5. Salome * Sweet Sue * The Way You Look Tonight
6. Tequila * Papa Loves Mambo * Oh, Lonesome Me
7. It Had To Be You * Roses From Picardy * Half As Much
8. The Wedding Samba * El Cumbanchero * La Pachanga
9. September Song * Serenata
10. Mame * 'S Wonderful * Cherokee

Have fun with this grooooovy stuff! :o)

Dienstag, Oktober 11, 2005

The Three Suns - Fun In The Sun (1961)

I simply love this one. It´s a request and I´m proud to be able to fulfil my obligations. So, here they are again: Artie, Morty and Al, the favorite band of some president´s wife. This swell collection of summer-themes was released in 1961 between "Movin´ ´n´ Groovin´" and "Fever & Smoke". It´s really sunny and, of course, fun! October is the right time to put this album up, I guess... ;o)
Now, put yourself in a solarium and crank up the volume...

Montag, Oktober 10, 2005

Esquivel - Four Corners of the World (1958)

Allright, here it is. Last weeks poll winner is Esquivel´s "Four Corners of the World" from the year 1958. Now, there are greater albums and even greater piano players than Esquivel, but this album is still good. Although it mainly features our hero on the piano, it still proves that he was a great, great arranger. So, don´t be disappointed that this piece of music doesn´t sound that much "out of this world" like it´s predecessor "Other Worlds Other Sounds". Let´s all keep our feet to the ground and enjoy this album!

Donnerstag, Oktober 06, 2005

Les Baxter - Jewels Of The Sea (1961)

I always wanted to put up this one, because it´s one of my favorites, and not only because of the beautiful cover. Unfortunately I only have the MONO-Version! Now let´s sink into the sea with Les Baxter!

Happy diving!

Dienstag, Oktober 04, 2005

James Last - Morgens um sieben ist die Welt noch in Ordnung (1971)

Some people mailed me about James Last (the guy from Bremen, remember?), they haven´t heard of him and how hard it is to get the old stuff in the U.S. But the question is not "Who is James Last?", the question is "What are you listening to while you´re having your Sunday morning breakfast on your porch if not to this tune?" This is an all-original James-Last-tune from 1971, inspired by the book "Morning´s at seven" by Eric Malpass. The title translates like "Morning´s at seven, the world is still in best order" or similar. This is THE sound for your breakfast, including seven churchbell-chimes at the end. And now you can fetch yourself a Brötchen... Or a bagle... Or simply a slice of bread... And pour yourself some coffee...

Montag, Oktober 03, 2005

Bert Kaempfert - That Happy Feeling (1962)

This is a great record to celebrate Germany´s national holiday. One of the greatest german composers was Bert Kaempfert, who was born in Hamburg. He died all of a sudden 1980 from a heart attack. He wrote songs like "Spanish Eyes" (made poular by Al Martino) and "Strangers in the Night" (made popular by Frank Sinatra). This record from 1962 features some of his original tunes, amongst them is the all-time favorite "A Swingin´ Safari", made popular by Billy Vaughn and his Orchestra. Here it is, the unique and all-original Bert Kaempfert! And believe me: You cannot resist that happy feeling! :o)