Montag, Februar 26, 2007

James Last - Non Stop Dancing ´65 (1965)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing ´66 (1965)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing ´66 II (1966)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing ´67 (1967)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing ´67/2 (1967)

James Last - Non Stop Party ´68 (1968)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 7 (1968)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 8 (1969)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 9 (1969)

James Last - Golden Non Stop Dancing 10 (1970)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 11 (1970)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 12 (1971)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1972 (1971)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1972 - 2 (1972)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1973 (1972)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1973 - 2 (1973)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1974 (1973)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1974 / 2 (1974)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 20 (1975)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1976 (1975)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1976 / 2 (1976)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 77 (1976)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 1977 / 2 (1977)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 78 (1978)

James Last - New Non Stop Dancing 79 (1978)

James Last - The Non Stop Dancing Sound of the 80´s (1979)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing 81 (1980)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing ´82 (1981)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing ´83 (1983)

James Last - Superlast (1984)

James Last - Non Stop Dancing ´85 (1984)

Finally! I got them all! Wow! James Last´s incredible 20-years-spanning series of Non Stop Dancing! You can imagine that I´m not going to post all of them. But here´s the first one of his series, which was re-released in 1975. It´s the second record from the "Golden Non Stop Dancing 10", the (first) anniversary album. It´s a double LP where Hansi re-recorded the first LP of this series as a bonus for his fans. Please enjoy...

No wait: I´ve just decided to bring you the original version from 1965. It sounds more like... well, being from ´65... So, please enjoy his very first Non Stop Dancing record.

James Last - Für alle (1985)

Genau. Diese hier hatte ich noch vergessen. Sie heißt zwar nicht "Non Stop Dancing", gehört aber als letzte Platte zu dieser Serie dazu...

Donnerstag, Februar 22, 2007

Blonker - Fantásia (1980)

Dieter Geike from Hamburg, Germany, is still an excellent guitar player. That´s what he always was, but not only a guitar player. He is a great composer as well. "Blonker" was his one-man-project, and he composed and performed several great classic guitar instrumentals. Since I could not decide which one to post for your listening pleasure, I bring you two pieces of superb easy-listening guitar, written and performed by Mr. Geike.

I´m not sure whether his LPs were available in other countries or not, but his first one (called "Fantásia") is out of print in Germany up to now. Well, I´m sure that you know his tunes, ´cause they stand right up there, side to side with other great always recognizable guitar instrumentals like Fleetwood Mac´s "Albatross", The Allman Brothers´ "Jessica", Duane Eddy´s "Rebel Rouser", The Shadows´ "Apache" and The Spotnicks´ "Amapola". This is THE easy-listening guitar from Germany. Both tracks are written by Dieter Geike, and I bet that you´ve heard at least one of them before. Here are "Sidewalk Café" and "Indigo" from 1977, both featured on this classic and excellent album. See if you can get yourself a copy of this, it´s highly recommended...

Ooops, I almost forgot: The great cover paintings of Blonker´s albums were done by his pal Ulrich Schütt. Superb artwork that is...

Montag, Februar 19, 2007

Conquistador - South American Magic (1978)

"Conquistador" was an instrumental project of the studio-musican Piet Souer from the Netherlands, specializing in south american rhythms. This album is from the year 1978, when the World Cup took place in Argentina. The song with the same name was used to announce the reports from the World Cup on radio and TV, and it became an all-time instrumental favorite, which is very popular up to now...

Donnerstag, Februar 15, 2007

Fischer-Chöre - Das große Spiel (1974)

Yes! Those were the days, my friends, we thought they´d never end... But they ended four years later in Cordoba, Argentina. Hmm... So, you don´t know what I´m talking about? WHAT??? Allright, I´ll explain. But wait: Maybe you can figure it out by youself, you´re living on this planet, aren´t you? Here are some hints: 1974, grass-green record, "the big game"? Got it? Good! Well done! :o)

The Fischer-Choirs were founded in 1946 by Gotthilf Fischer. They mostly sing german traditionals, but they also have classics in their repertoire. THE milestone for the choirs, which constists of far more than 1000 people, were to sing the opening song of the FIFA-World-Cup-Final in 1974, which was called... yes, "Das große Spiel". They performed it together with Freddy (Quinn), THE sailor-icon of Germany. To honor the defeated team at the World-Cup-Final ´74, here you can get an all-time classic, sung by the world´s biggest choir of all time. And to honor the people of Amsterdam, whose soccer-team "Ajax Amsterdam" got defeated by Germany´s Club "Werder Bremen" by 3:0 in the European Cup yesterday, here´s a little tear dryer for you called "Nulpen aus Amsterdam"... Ooops, not "Nulpen", but "Tulpen" ;o)

Montag, Februar 12, 2007

Fritz Schulz-Reichel - Crazy Otto´s Hitparade (1970)

Here´s a nice record from Fritz Schulz-Reichel, better known as "Crazy Otto" or in German "Der schräge Otto" (mit seiner beschwipsten Drahtkommode). The Hitparade of 1970 had many beautiful titles on it, all played in his unique style on a mistuned piano. And if you always wanted to know what "El Condor Pasa" sounds like when it´s been played without those annoying Inca-flutes, here´s your chance...

Donnerstag, Februar 08, 2007

John Keating - Space Experience (1972)

John Keating - Space Experience 2 (1975)

Well, another "Space Age Disco Album", the follow-up to Johnny´s "Space Experience" from the year 1972. The first one has been posted before somewhere, and it´s really not that hard to obtain. But this one, the second volume, this one features one of the best versions of "Solitaire" that I´ve ever heard, and you should listen to this little gem of Space-Disco too, even if you´re not into space-music. This unique record is truly contemporary. The songs are all from the 70's and are performed entirely on electronic keyboard instruments (with the exception of the rhythm section), some of which at the time of recording were prototypes. But you should hear this for yourself...

Dienstag, Februar 06, 2007

Roberto Delgado - Latin à la Carte (1969)

Yes, Roberto... Although he didn´t look like his name was "Roberto". He looked more like "Horst". And that´s right, as we all know very well. His name was Horst Wende, leading his Orchestra with mediocre success, but when he changed his name to "Roberto Delgado", the success came. Even the international. Here´s a perfect example of his Latin-style, well worth getting it, not only because this LP features a great latin version of "Hare Krishna" from the Hippie-Musical "Hair"...

Freitag, Februar 02, 2007

Claude Meunier - Tanzparty bei Madeleine (1967)

Yes, that is quite a party-record. Feeling good with Claude Meunier and his Orchestra. They throw a party at Madeleine´s! I don´t know who Claude Meunier is or was, but it´s definitely not the actor with the same name, that one was born in 1951, so normally you don´t have an orchestra at the age of 15... But in France? Who knows... They start early over there, people say... But let´s just imagine that Claude is a proud father, who plays his music at the party of his daughter named Madeleine. What a beautiful name that is too! And even the music is great, it has some organ in it! But you should hear for yourself, here´s "The Happy Organ-Player" by Claude Meunier and his Orchestra...