Sonntag, August 27, 2006

James Last - Käpt'n James auf allen Meeren (1973)

Captain James continued his journey in 1973. This time "auf allen Meeren" which means "on the seven seas". The expression in German is much better, ´cause it says literally "on every sea". There are more than seven, aren´t there? Anyway, for those who haven´t discovered more than seven yet, there was a map included, also to follow Hansi's tour with the finger. Here you will get it without the map, because we all use our GPS today, don´t we? So, if you still got some Rum left, pour yourself a glass. If not, get another keg and off we go again!

And here´s the tracklist:

1) Ein Morgen im Hamburger Hafen
Hamburg ist ein schönes Städtchen
Muß i denn
Blow Ye Wind
Wo die Nordseewellen
Kleine Möve, flieg nach Helgoland

2) Good Mornin'
The Sailor Boy
Rule Britannia

3) Greensleeves
Auf Fahrt
Fuadach nan Gaidheal

4) De Käpt'n, de Stüermann, de Bootsmann un ick
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

5) All Hands on Deck
Drei Matrosen
In Portugal
Von Porto nach Barcelona

6) Lady of Spain
Carmen Marsch

7) Shenandoah
Santa Lucia
Ferry-Boat Serenade

8) Piräus
Ein Schiff wird kommen

9) High Barbaree
Havah Nagila

Montag, August 21, 2006

Los Indios Tabajaras - Sweet and Savage (1957)

Hmm, I know what you want to say. We all know those Indios with their flutes playing "El Condor Pasa" in the pedestrian precincts of each and every town. And yes, it´s annoying me too. But this one is different. Yes, dear friends of great music, as you might already know, "Maria Elena" is one of the best guitar instrumentals ever written. Here you can listen to the original version by the famous Indios, it hasn´t lost it´s charm yet. This nice Bolero will complete a nice evening with your partner more than "El Condor Pasa" ever can, believe me...

Freitag, August 18, 2006

Neil Hefti - Hefti in Gotham City (1966)

This is like a soundtrack to the '60s television series Batman, since all of the tracks were written and performed by Neal Hefti for use on the TV show. There's the familiar "Batman Theme", of course, as well as a number of rousing adventure and comical villainous themes. Here comes this little gem directly from Gotham City. Batman à Gogo! Here we gooooooooo!

Mittwoch, August 16, 2006

James Last - Games That Lovers Play (1967)

So, after some requests there should be something new on this page as well: This is one of my favorites from Hansi. A classic one from the year 1967, featuring four of his own compositions, among them the title track. Please enjoy James Last at his best...

Montag, August 14, 2006

Xavier Cugat - The King Plays Some Aces (1958)

And some more hot rhythms for Sweden, where it´s cold out there... Is there something like summer in Sweden? Or are those blonde hot girls just a cliché that hasn´t been verified since Agnetha in the late 70´s? Anyway, please enjoy some hot Cugat, pouring oil in the glooming fire of Sweden´s girls. And women, of course... And their men... ;o)

Donnerstag, August 10, 2006

Bert Kaempfert - Golden Memories (1975)

Would you like some memories? I guess so. And especially when they´re golden, right? This is one of Bert´s later albums, it´s from the year 1975, and features six compositions that he did together with Herbert Rehbein. Some Gershwin, Hammerstein and Kern is added, and you have this great album. Please enjoy the great Bert once more... And please download the cover-art from here, because I prepared this post without having my digi-cam...

Montag, August 07, 2006

The Beach Boys - Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!) (1965)

I´ve seen this one on another blog, but the file was gone, so I thought I could put up this one too, although it only features one instrumental. But this is a classic one by the Beach Boys and you should listen to this. It features some major hits by the boys, like "California Girls" and "Help Me, Rhonda". "The Girl from New York City" was a response to "The Boy from New York City," a hit by The Ad-Libs earlier in 1965. "Then I Kissed Her" was a cover of the 1963 Crystals hit, "Then He Kissed Me," obviously switching gender roles. If you like those boys, then get this album while summer lasts...

Samstag, August 05, 2006

Xavier Cugat - Cugat Cavalcade (1958)

Another one from the great Xavier Cugat. It´s a "Best of..." from 1958 and is a request. Have fun, Lasse! :o)

Mittwoch, August 02, 2006

James Last - Happy Lehár (1969)

Franz Lehár (1870 - 1948) was an Austrian composer from Hungary. He studied in Prague and spent his life writing operettas, which are light versions of operas, as you might already know. He was a close friend to Giacomo Puccini and was inspired by his operas as well. But here you get the James-Last-versions of his greatest hits, which he mostly wrote for tenor Richard Tauber, whom we know from the classic Pogues´ song "The Sick Bed of Cullaillallain" or so. (Pardon my Irish.) But I´m drifting off... Anyway, even if you hate opera, if you get sick from operettas, then give good old Hansi a chance to get you back on track to the happy music between the two world wars. For my American guests: Between 1918 and 1939...