Dienstag, Juli 25, 2006

Sondi Sodsai - Sondi (1956)

Because I don´t know what to post this week, one week before my vacation on the Baltic Sea, I chose to post this one. This is Siamese pop. As the elder ones of you know, Thailand once was Siam.

Why they changed it I can´t say.
People just liked it better that way...

The classic Thai pop LP is this one by Sondi Sodsai. She was voted "Miss Thailand" in 1960. She also appeared in an obscure TV-series named "Adventures in Paradise" in the early sixties, and represented the stereotype of a Tahitian beauty. And by the way, she is or was the court-entertainer of the King and Queen of Thailand, as it is stated on the record. It´s the cryptic writing on top of the frontcover, that looks like Thai, but is in fact English. Try to decrypt this... The album was produced by Martin Denny, and I especially like the "Siamese Cat Song" from the Disney-movie "Aristocats" and the last one, "Japanese Farewell Song", which we all know from the movie "M*A*S*H". Please enjoy, although this could be tough for non-trained listeners...

Montag, Juli 17, 2006

Les Baxter - Wild Guitars (1959)

Sounds like... No, not Herb Alpert, although he´s got a record with the same title. No, not "Wild Guitars"... "Sounds Like..."! But anyway, this one almost sounds like Esquivel, it was Baxter´s version of a Stereo Action record. I´m sure you´ll like it, so don´t miss it.

Donnerstag, Juli 13, 2006

James Last - Polka-Party (1971)

Don´t worry about the picture above, I included front and back picture in the files. But the question is: Can you make is through this record? Without consuming a barrel of beer? Haardly, I´llll till youu... Buuuut this shows aggagain thee imense verssatililility of James Last´s Orchestra. *hic* As for treklist, I meen *hic* traracklissT I included a pitschure off his beck as well, I meen from The reCoRd! Did I teelll yu thatt? *hic* Of CooRS! sinz i Can HHarrdly faind me kEYs, THIS KEYS, off coors! Welll, jussst lissen to sis and Dents!...I meen dANtss..., now: DAAAAAAANCE ´til you drop like me...

Dienstag, Juli 11, 2006

Attilio Mineo - Man In Space With Sounds (1962)

This is the complete version with spoken word introductions. "Man in Space with Sounds" was composed by Arthur 'Attilio' Mineo in the early 50s and was played through the sound system in "The Bubbleator", an exhibit that was part of the 1962 Seattle Space Age World's Fair. "The Bubbleator" was a 150-passenger spherical clear plastic elevator that moved 2.5 million people through the "World of Tomorrow" displays that promised an easier life ahead and a glimpse of life in the future! To accompany their journey, the sound system piped in the evocative orchestral and electronic music of Man in Space with Sounds that helped to create a futurist experience for the passengers. The original LP was released in limited quantities on the World's Fair record label around 1962 in two versions: one with a short piece of spoken word introduction before each track and one without the introductions. As I said, this is the version with introductions. Neither LP was in stereo, but THIS is Space Age! Even in mono...

Freitag, Juli 07, 2006

The Three Suns - The Things I Love in Hi-Fi (1957)

Another one of those great three guys. I don´t have to tell you "the things I love" about them, do I? ;o) Please enjoy, and don´t forget to look for my lacking James Lasts for me! I´d really appreciate this...

Montag, Juli 03, 2006

Xavier Cugat - Cugat in France, Spain & Italy (1960)

This is a request for a repost from Lasse of Sweden, who gave me 5 Last-LPs I´ve been looking for a long time. He´s a nice guy who runs an online-recordshop with a lot of stuff to choose from. You may want to visit his store by clicking this link, maybe you´ll find something you´ve been looking for:

Honest Joe´s Records ´n´ Postcards

Thanks a lot again, Lasse!

Another gem from the great Xavier Cugat from 1960. He was born in 1900 (as: Francisco De Asis Javier Cugat Mingall De Cru Y Deulofeo) and then changed his name, ´cause it didn´t fit on the record sleeves. Cugat's recordings of the 50´s featured the singing of his third wife, Abbe Lane. In the mid 60´s, he featured his fourth wife, Charo, who he billed as a "folksinger". Upon his retirement in 1970, Cugat returned to Spain. He died in Barcelona on October 27, 1990. His band, which was led by Tito Puente following his retirement, continues to perform under the direction of dancer, musician and vocalist Ada Cavallo. Please enjoy this piece of music. Have fun, it´s a great dance record too!