Donnerstag, Juli 13, 2006

James Last - Polka-Party (1971)

Don´t worry about the picture above, I included front and back picture in the files. But the question is: Can you make is through this record? Without consuming a barrel of beer? Haardly, I´llll till youu... Buuuut this shows aggagain thee imense verssatililility of James Last´s Orchestra. *hic* As for treklist, I meen *hic* traracklissT I included a pitschure off his beck as well, I meen from The reCoRd! Did I teelll yu thatt? *hic* Of CooRS! sinz i Can HHarrdly faind me kEYs, THIS KEYS, off coors! Welll, jussst lissen to sis and Dents!...I meen dANtss..., now: DAAAAAAANCE ´til you drop like me...

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