Montag, Januar 23, 2006

Enoch Light - Provocative Percussion (1959)

This is the first in a series of Provocative Percussion records under the supervision of Enoch Light. Under the direction of Terry Snyder, Light and the revolving cast known as either the Command All-Stars or simply just the All-Stars, began to experiment with extreme stereophonics, using close microphone techniques and hard-left or hard-right panning to re-create a comparatively austere sense of what could be accomplished with two distinct channels of sound. Here it is, it´s an all-time classic.

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vinylfind hat gesagt…

Lets not forget the groundbreaking cover art by noted artist, author and professor Josef Albers. His several covers for the first Provocative and Persuasive Percussion LPs unleased a parade of inferior "graphic" covers that tried to cash in on Command's success.