Freitag, Januar 13, 2006

Mel Henke - La Dolce Henke (1962)

Mel Henke was a jingle producer, who recorded six albums during his career. I can't see how any could have been more odd than this one: A hodge-podge of brassy advertising music, weirdo sound effects, sexy moans and 50s Playboy Magazine humor, Mel Henke's demented masterpiece is almost without comparison. The album is filled to the brim with ambiguous lines, either you like it, or you hate it. I also have no idea what the market was for this when it was released in 1962, "Sex sells!" he possibly thought, but I don´t think many of you have this in their vinyl-rack, am I correct? Now, let´s go "slippery-when-wet" with Mel Henke, who died in 1979...


pixelmutt hat gesagt…

Love it, love it, love it!
thanks tons

chickenwhee hat gesagt…

YAY! I've been dying to hear this ever since I found out it existed - about a year ago. It's everything I'd hoped for and more. Thanks!

Anonym hat gesagt…


That's all great! Thanks!

But where are the links ti files in previous posts?

How can you be so cruel?