Mittwoch, August 02, 2006

James Last - Happy Lehár (1969)

Franz Lehár (1870 - 1948) was an Austrian composer from Hungary. He studied in Prague and spent his life writing operettas, which are light versions of operas, as you might already know. He was a close friend to Giacomo Puccini and was inspired by his operas as well. But here you get the James-Last-versions of his greatest hits, which he mostly wrote for tenor Richard Tauber, whom we know from the classic Pogues´ song "The Sick Bed of Cullaillallain" or so. (Pardon my Irish.) But I´m drifting off... Anyway, even if you hate opera, if you get sick from operettas, then give good old Hansi a chance to get you back on track to the happy music between the two world wars. For my American guests: Between 1918 and 1939...

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