Sonntag, August 27, 2006

James Last - Käpt'n James auf allen Meeren (1973)

Captain James continued his journey in 1973. This time "auf allen Meeren" which means "on the seven seas". The expression in German is much better, ´cause it says literally "on every sea". There are more than seven, aren´t there? Anyway, for those who haven´t discovered more than seven yet, there was a map included, also to follow Hansi's tour with the finger. Here you will get it without the map, because we all use our GPS today, don´t we? So, if you still got some Rum left, pour yourself a glass. If not, get another keg and off we go again!

And here´s the tracklist:

1) Ein Morgen im Hamburger Hafen
Hamburg ist ein schönes Städtchen
Muß i denn
Blow Ye Wind
Wo die Nordseewellen
Kleine Möve, flieg nach Helgoland

2) Good Mornin'
The Sailor Boy
Rule Britannia

3) Greensleeves
Auf Fahrt
Fuadach nan Gaidheal

4) De Käpt'n, de Stüermann, de Bootsmann un ick
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

5) All Hands on Deck
Drei Matrosen
In Portugal
Von Porto nach Barcelona

6) Lady of Spain
Carmen Marsch

7) Shenandoah
Santa Lucia
Ferry-Boat Serenade

8) Piräus
Ein Schiff wird kommen

9) High Barbaree
Havah Nagila

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