Montag, Dezember 11, 2006

Bert Kaempfert - Christmastide with Bert Kaempfert (1963)

This is a must-have for every serious lover of Christmas music. Great instrumental music, just as we know it from Bert. Six popular Christmas carols along with six of his own compositions. Yes, Mr. Kaempfert also composed Christmas stuff. You´ll be amazed by his titles like "Jumpin' Jiminy Christmas", "Jingo Jango" and "Holiday for Bells", I´ll guarantee you. Unfortunately I cannot share this with you, because this has been released as a CD called "Christmas Wonderland", and there has been a CD called "Dreamin' and Swingin' Christmas Wonderland", which features eight non-christmatical (I just made that word up, it means "not Christmas related") bonus tracks from other albums. But as we are almost gotten used to, they of course have a different cover. So, if you order now, you should have your Christmas with Bert right on time... Remember: This one is highly recommended!


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Has the link gone?

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me gustaria escuchar la música de navidad de Bert kaempfert