Freitag, Dezember 29, 2006

James Last - Sing mit 10 (1982)

Well, that´s the way a New Year´s Eve Party should be. Yes, I thought it would be with ALL of these records, the "Sing mit"-series from James Last from 1973 up to 1982. Who could think of a bigger party than that? I mean, a party with approximately 8 hours of music to sing-a-long? With all the favorites like "Ein Männlein liegt im Walde" and "Wir klappern mit Müh' alle Wirtshäuser ab"? Well, I´ve uploaded them all, but they seem to be gone from the harddrives of my favorite host, you know who... I´ve re-uploaded number 10, subtitled "Wir wollen Spass!" for you, which features all the hits of the so called "New German Wave" of that time. Every country had a "New Wave" at that time, and so had Germany. The vast majority of my guests may not know these songs, but most Germans do, believe me. It´s haunting them... Haunting them up to now, when a 45-year-old teenie like "Nena" sings her songs in a duet with a blondie from Britain called "Kim Wilde". Hmm... Teenies like it, so why don't you? Even if you don´t know German at all, here´s your chance to sing along with Hansi on this most notorious record, which has never ever been released on CD. Please enjoy Hansi and his interpretations of the songs of the New German Wave of the early eighties...


Mr Snookles hat gesagt…

Hi Roman;

I also had that disappearing feeling with our favourite host...My entire collection vanished overnight. I now use the "" service to protect my links - seems to work ok. (

ps please drop by sometime - some groovy lounge goodies to check out...

Mr Snookles

arstider hat gesagt…


Thanks for this one.
Hope you will upload some of
the other ones as well

Best wishes from Sweden
Happy New Year

herm hat gesagt…


We're not sure our first comment reached you. Therefore this new one.

Congratulations ! It ain't New Year yet and we're singing along allready with this marvellous album.

Is there a chance that you reup the other ones too? To prevent deleting by you-know-who, maybe you can only send the links to those who identify themselve in a comment to you.

Anyway, many thanks for sharing this one and have a nice and happy New Year, full with music.


Henry hat gesagt…

Thank you for this. I would love to have the first couple, but this is nice too.

I think that as long as you have Hr. Hans's name in the file name, your favorite host (not mine ;-) will automatically 'lose' it. If the file name was something line and was password protected, it might last :-) longer. But even in password protected zip, the filenames can still be seen. Zip inside password protected zip would be better (but you must rename the inner ,zip to .something_else for it to zip again).

Anyway... thanks for your efforts!

Frohes Neues Jahr!


Anonym hat gesagt…

I'd love to have all of James Last's old lp's like this, I can't seem to find any, especially for download, i'm currently looking for a whole host of Klaus Wunderlich too, he was a legend too!!

Also managed to find Errol Flynn's Captain Blood by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, but what i really really want is Erich's Adventures Of Robin Hood on mp3, know anywhere or anyone who has it? i'd be so very very happy if you do.

Keep up the excellent work on the site and try to offer asmuch for download as you can, this site always makes maks my day when i can download lp's from it!!1

Kind Regards


Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for bringing James Last records to 21st century. Last music was very popular during seventies here in Peru.