Mittwoch, März 14, 2007

Tony Mottola - Roman Guitar (1966)

I suppose you all know who Tony Mottola was, so I don´t have to introduce him at all. I only want to present this album, because it is named after me! Wow! There´s no album called "Henry Guitar", "Bill Guitar" or "Peter Guitar", but there is "Roman Guitar". What a great title! That´s why I bring you the title track of this album, named "Roman Guitar" too. Please enjoy...


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Again another nice track from you.
Actually you are making it easy for me as I usually have problems which tracks to use when making up a nice compilation, with just one per album I never find one that I would not use.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Would you consider reposting
some of the following Les Baxter albums, etc.?

Thanks very much.

Passions feat. Bas Sheva
Wild Guitars
Ports of Pleasure
Jewels Of The Sea
Dick Schory - Music For Bang, Baaroom And Harp

Roman hat gesagt…

Sorry, but I usually don´t re-upload things, because there´s no use in it (for me). I rather upload new stuff.