Montag, September 10, 2007

Santo & Johnny - Mucho (1965)

People request Santo & Johnny´s debut album again and again, but there´s more where that came from... I got seven more records of those two guys, some are collaborations with Hugo Montenegro and Mort Garson backing them up with their orchestras. I haven´t ripped the other seven yet, because I have very little time. But if you want to increase your Santo & Johnny collection, please take a peek at my F.A.Q.-list...

The brothers Santo and Johnny Farina were born and raised in Brooklyn. Inspired by the country music he heard on the radio, Santo adopted the steel guitar as a teen, and at age 14 he formed an instrumental trio, soon after writing his first original songs. At the same time he began teaching his younger brother Johnny to play standard electric guitar, and they started performing as a duo. For the tiny Brooklyn label Trinity Records, Santo and Johnny debuted in 1959 with "Sleepwalk", a hauntingly atmospheric instrumental they'd composed with the aid of their mother. They soon issued their self-titled debut LP, also notching a hit with their follow-up single "Teardrops"; however, the duo's popularity quickly slid, although they issued at least seven more albums for Canadian-American. They have almost become forgotten, but thanks to me ;o) you can listen to it. Here we travel to "Istanbul" from their album "Around the World", which they did together with Hugo Montenegro and his Orchestra, as an appetizer:

Santo & Johnny - Istanbul

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