Dienstag, Oktober 04, 2005

James Last - Morgens um sieben ist die Welt noch in Ordnung (1971)

Some people mailed me about James Last (the guy from Bremen, remember?), they haven´t heard of him and how hard it is to get the old stuff in the U.S. But the question is not "Who is James Last?", the question is "What are you listening to while you´re having your Sunday morning breakfast on your porch if not to this tune?" This is an all-original James-Last-tune from 1971, inspired by the book "Morning´s at seven" by Eric Malpass. The title translates like "Morning´s at seven, the world is still in best order" or similar. This is THE sound for your breakfast, including seven churchbell-chimes at the end. And now you can fetch yourself a Brötchen... Or a bagle... Or simply a slice of bread... And pour yourself some coffee...

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