Donnerstag, Oktober 06, 2005

Les Baxter - Jewels Of The Sea (1961)

I always wanted to put up this one, because it´s one of my favorites, and not only because of the beautiful cover. Unfortunately I only have the MONO-Version! Now let´s sink into the sea with Les Baxter!

Happy diving!


Scott McGerik hat gesagt…

That is a great album cover! I've been smitten by it ever since I first saw. I keep hoping I'll find that album while shopping at estate sales.

BTW, my wife's cousin Tony is living in Koln and working as a chiropractor.

Chris hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing. But here's a tip for next time, if you're encoding a album in stereo, how about ripping it in stereo too?

Your "Jewels of the Sea" album is obviously in mono. Hence why the included cover and back scan makes no sense (hint, it says stereo). But it is probably because you didn't scan the cover yourself.

I think I'll stick to my 128 kbps stereo rip of this amazing Les Baxter album until something better comes along.

Alain Didier hat gesagt…

Thank you! Such a beautiful, peaceful and interesting album. Shame it hasn't been released (legitimately) on CD. I too was drawn in by the lovely cover, but the music inside is just as lovely. Note the snatches of Debussy's "La Mer" in "The Enchanted Sea."

Fredini hat gesagt…

This cover is awesome- but what happened to the file? I want to hear it!

Rizwan Midhat hat gesagt…

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