Montag, November 14, 2005

Eddie Cano - Deep In A Drum (1958)

Pianist Eddie Cano was born in 1927 and spent most of his career connecting the dots between jazz and Latin styles. He found an appreciative audience for a series of albums under his own name released in the '50s and '60s by labels such as Atco, Reprise, and RCA, his following similar to that of vibraphonist Cal Tjader and bandleader Les Baxter. Cano also drew on dance crazes such as the cha cha and the Watusi to promote his efforts. His family was musically gifted, Cano's father a bass guitarist, his grandfather a member of the Mexico City Symphony. He began his career in the band of Miquelito Valdes. This work is from 1958 and features the song "Honey Do", which was a cross-genre answer song to Carl Perkins' popular "Honey Don't". He died suddenly shortly after heart surgery in 1988.

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Paul F. hat gesagt…

I love this album. I may have to seek out the $35 CD it is that good. Thanks for the post.