Dienstag, November 15, 2005

Esquivel - Strings Aflame (1959)

And the other one for you. Here it is: Esquivel´s fantastic "Strings Aflame" from the year 1959.
Please enjoy this great piece of music by this fine Mexican musician.


J.P. hat gesagt…

As of Wednesday, 10.5.05, I recieve the following message everytime I try to download from rapid share; "CANNOT FIND SERVER".
I haven't experienced any problems in the past.
Please advise.
Thank you for your attention and your taste in music.

Roman hat gesagt…

I tried it and it worked. So did 91 others. Sorry, but I don´t know where the problem is...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for this rare one from Esquivel. Viva Esquivel. His creativity, demanding orchestrations and intense need to go beyond expectation in the re-creation of standard tunes is amazing.

I'm saying all this BEFORE I've even heard this one!

Now I can, thanks to you!


litlgrey hat gesagt…

I wonder if "Strings Aflame" is still available as a two-fer from Bar/None Records. Regardless, I have been told that the CD does not do the tracks justice, you know, soundwise.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ein Kölner, Klasse. Weiter so, Dein Geschmack gefällt mir :))))

Grüße, Stephan

Mankie hat gesagt…

Have to recommend another forgotten jazz gem: on "Jazz Sounds of Africa" (released in the 90s) were gathered two albums of around 1960 by Ahmed Abdul-Malik, upright-bass player for Monk and others (he had his own band in the sixties but there aren't a lot of albums, not ot my knowledge at least...)
Amazing stuff, he seamlessly integrates blues, Brazilian music, Arab modes and African percussion on tracks that range from the carnival mood to the dark and sheikly sensuous. And this was long before the advent of world music, a full decade before "Bitches Brew". It's all acoustic and the mere track titles make you wonder: "La Ibkey", "Nights On Saturn", "African Bossa Nova", "Hannibal's Carnivals". I've got a cd copy.