Mittwoch, November 09, 2005

Les Baxter - African Jazz (1959)

This is a repost for Mateo from Hamburg, who gave me two of my lacking Lasts. Thanks again, Mateo, and please enjoy some African Jazz, another gem by the great Les Baxter from the year 1959. It´s not extremely jazzy, so it is suitable for many listeners.


Paul F. hat gesagt…

Thank you thank you tahnk you. This site is fantastic.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks! "African Jazz" sure is one of the most fantastic exotica albums.

Anonym hat gesagt…

It is jazzy, but the deal with Les Baxter is ODD arrangements. In this one, the accent is again on percussion, that's the "African" idea. Of course, the percussion and the way it is used by Les in the tunes is about Hollywood African...
but who cares, if the music is as African
as the model on the cover.
Both are OUT THERE in LEFT FIELD, as we American baseball nuts say. That means OUTRE or EXOTICA.
So Pinicchio is again hitting a home run with this one.
Thanks, Mr. P.
I am thinking now of supporting you in your quest for the best.
PS: For Les Baxter lovers, another site has SACRED IDOL, which is very very cool, Hollywood Les goes Inca.

dennis of hillsborough

Anonym hat gesagt…

noooo please post this again please??! ahhhh