Mittwoch, April 19, 2006

Herb Alpert - Volume 2 (1963)

Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass! One of my all time favorites anyhow. I grew up with his tunes, and many songs from that time I only knew as his versions. Great music, although some people disagree... This is Herb´s second best album overall. "But why don´t you introduce us to his best album? Why the second best?" I hear people say. It´s pretty easy: You can buy his BEST album at internet-dealers all over the world, but it´s hard to find his second best. There are many tunes on this record that I know from those happy childhood-days, but not as many as on his best album. Plus it´s a record dedicated to numerology. You didn´t know that? So, I give you a summary:

2.) It´s his second album ever
2.) It´s his second-best album
2.) It´s the album of him I like second-best
2.) This album is on the second shelf in my record-collection
2.) My father bought this album on the 2nd of August
2.) This album features two sides, side A and side B
2.) And how many grooves are there on this record? Yep, two. I counted them.

There are many, many more links to the number "2" on this album, take your time and try to find them. It all boils down to 2. What would be more likely than to name this album "Volume 2"? Now you understand...

Please enjoy Herb Alpert at his (second-)best!


PDMan hat gesagt…

This really is an underrated LP. Apparently, Herb A. thinks this album sounds metallic and is not worthy of the current Shout Factory reissues. That is too, too bad as this is a favorite LP of mine and I think some of his better work.

Amitoro hat gesagt…

You`re right! It`s a wonderful LP!
I have 9 CD of Herb Alpert but I haven`t that one. Now I`ve got it. Thanks a lot for it. Wish you so many splendid records on your blog. Best greetings from Poland. Amitoro

julioxo hat gesagt…

Wonderful blog that I will often visit
Thanks for the music Pinicchio

Anonym hat gesagt…

yo...very cool post..these's a handful of herb's that did not make the cd reissues...I have posted some Baja Marimba band stuff on my site more to come...
any of the other herb oop stuff would be cool if ya have it..i am tryin to found some
found this on a am site

There are six remaining TJB LPs: the much discussed Volume 2, Warm, Brass Are Comin', Summertime, You Smile -- The Song Begins and Coney Island. Make it seven if you consider Bullish a TJB LP (even though it was a solo Alpert effort in the studio with the TJB merely doing the tour). There's also probably enough leftover tracks for a Lost Treasures 2.

Then there are the two LPs with Hugh Masekela. The live one's

rock hat gesagt…

Like those instrumentals mp3

Bam Bam hat gesagt…

como faço pra abaixar o cd Hebert Alpert

Roman hat gesagt…