Montag, Mai 08, 2006

Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman & Les Baxter - Perfume Set to Music (1948)

Hi there, to you all good music lovers!

Thanks a lot for the comments, I suppose there´s a problem with rapidshare again. Since I don´t have a premium account, up- and downloads are sometimes problematic. Because I´m moving (in real life), this site will not be updated as often as it used to be.

Sorry for the broken link to the moon-music, I´ll upload it again someday soon. But here you go with another one of those series. You may know the Perfume "Jet", here´s the sound to that. Please enjoy another Doc Hoffman with Les Baxter.


Adam Infanticide hat gesagt…

lovely. thanks

julioxo hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing Pinicchio!

PS hat gesagt…

Hey Roman ...delighted you got the LP ok , only too pleased to let you have a copy .
Not to hard to find in the UK same as many artist Perez Prado , Bert Kampfert , Robert Delgado , Sounds Orchestral , Joe Loss , Herb Alpert etc however to find LPs that you post ...Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman & Les Baxter - Perfume Set ..impossible
Best Wishes Gary

Steve Engler hat gesagt…

Could you make this available again please? I'd love to have a copy.