Donnerstag, Juni 08, 2006

Bert Kaempfert - Gallery (1974)

You all know perfectly that Bert was the best composer, arranger, conductor etc. of Germany ever and you know too, that I´m a big fan of him. I also own the same wristwatch from the 70´s that he always wore. Here´s one of his later albums: "Gallery" from the year 1974.
This one never gets old! It includes "The Entertainer" as well as the famous "For Bert", which was written by Anita Kerr to honor him and his work.


Chester hat gesagt…

Am I supposed to know what Bert (and your) wristwatch looks like? :-)

Thanks for the shares!

PS hat gesagt…

Hi Roman
The Bert Kaempfert Tribute Orchestra is playing in my home town tonight , not the same without him though ...see you

theshaggyman hat gesagt…

nice to see you back after awhile ;-)


Rato hat gesagt…

Thanks for sharing another great Bert's album. Like always the man's sound is recognizable from the very first note.