Freitag, Juni 23, 2006

Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman & Les Baxter - Music Out of the Moon (1947)

I promised to get this back to you, didn´t I? A nice piece of music and, by the way, so completely different from the James Last works. Nonetheless I´m still searching for 80 albums from James Last, please see section above...

Now, here are the liner notes from this album, where our favorite podiatrist worked with Les Baxter:

The music in this album is in reality an exploration ... using exotic harmonies, timbre
and composition to play upon the more remote realm of human emotions.

It is music of a type that has been outstandingly successful as a mood-creating
background for motion pictures dealing with the macabre, the fantastic.

It is music that can affect the sensitive mind in a way that is sometimes frightening ...
always fascinating.

Harry Revel created the basic "idea" and themes, while Leslie Baxter, arranger and
conductor, has given them appropriately unique tone color, using the mass harmonies
or human voices as unusual instrumental effects with woodwinds, strings and brass;
some without rhythm, others with a dominant, demanding beat.

In many of the numbers you will hear the Theremin — a little known member of the
musical family that is played by the motions of the hands in the air over an electronic
field. The right hand gives pitch, the left volume, yet neither comes in direct contact
with the instrument. A throbbing, almost human tone is created that has an eerie,
vibrant beauty.

The artist who plays the Theremin is Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman, whose brilliant technique
was heard in the music of "Spellbound," "Lost Weekend," "Spiral Staircase" and "The
Red House."

A word about your first hearing of "Music Out of the Moon": You cannot get its full
significance from a casual playing in a record booth, where the appeal may well be
lost. But take it home — set the stage, in the evening when you are perhaps a little
weary of the work-a-day world; its hypnotic beauty assures a unique musical


cyclotronx hat gesagt…

Hi Pinicchio
The Music out of the moon link seems to have expired, a pity as this looks great,
loved the previous Hoffman/Baxter/revel share.
Thanks for all the fabulous music

benito x hat gesagt…

I'm sorry to see this file has been deleted already... any chance of re-posting it?

Thanks so much for sharing all your most excellent and entertaining music!

Inkydog hat gesagt…

Rapidshare says this album has been delete due to a long period of inactivity. Could you re-post? Thanks so much.

Adam Infanticide hat gesagt…

thanks. it was worth the wait.