Sonntag, Juni 11, 2006

James Last - Voodoo Party (1971)

Finally! I got it, YES! Thanks to Gary from Soundsational! This is really a fantastic record. Strange, when you listen to "Mr. Giant Man" or "Voodoo Ladys Love". I think they took some drugs when recording this, but what kind of? If you know what they took, please let me know...

But even if you´re still drug-free, I highly recommend this record!


X-Y-Z-Cosmonaut hat gesagt…

I ripped and uploaded this album myself over a month ago...

Meester Music hat gesagt…

Great blog!

This is a killer James Last LP....I have some later stuff of his that rocks.

I will attempt to post one of them later this weekend....check my blog out in a couple of days and I'll get some Jimmy Last up fer ya!


Meester Music

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi maeester

do you have many james last lps i was lokking for non stop dancing 76 and 81 do you have those?

i like them as rapidshare can you have them upload it to you web site write me better in


Marco hat gesagt…


what later stuff you have of james last am looking for non stop dancing 81 and 76 .
can you upload it for me?

or is it other stuff.

am a big james last fan and i really wanted to here those 2 lps i can't get it in bolivia because everything is now cd and i no longer have ebay.