Mittwoch, September 27, 2006

James Last - Op Klompen (1969)

Hmm, only 14 people who dropped me a mail for the Jimmie Haskell file. Not very popular, these space-age-records, I guess. Enoch Light went away about 200 times, Les Baxter too... Or is it that people are a little lazy when it comes to do a little thing before getting something?

Well, anyway: Time´s up for Jimmie, here´s another gem from good old James Last. This one is for our friends from the Netherlands and it´s from 1969. "Op Klompen" means to wear these obscure wooden boots, just like Hansi does on the cover. Holland´s (and Germany's) favorites are nice to hear, try to sing along if you dare, but don´t mix up the words... ;o)

Here´s the tracklist:

1) Hoog op de gele wagen
Een karretje op de zandweg reed
De paden op, de lanen in
Hela, gij bloempje

2) In 't groene dal in 't stille dal
Langs berg en dal klinkt hoorngeschal
't Zonnetje gaat van ons scheiden

3) Moeke, d'r staat 'n vrijer bie de deur
Daar kwam ene boer van Zwitserland
In Holland staat een huis

4) Vier weverkens
Hoe zachtkens glijdt ons bootje
Knaapje zag een roosje staan

5) Door de bossen door de heide
Limburg mijn vaderland
De bloempjes gingen slapen
Op de grote stille heide

6) 'n Boer wol noar zien noaber tou
Het kwezelken
Daar was laatst een meisje loos
Wel Annemarieke

7) Des winters als het regent
Wie rusten wil in 't groene woud
Roodborstje tikt tegen het raam

8) De wielewaal
De uil zat in de olmen
Een vreemde arme snuiter

Phew, that was hard to type, believe me... Now I´m waiting for Hansi "In Scandinavia", ´cause I still don´t have it...


Buscoglione hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot pinocchio for this one too!!!
I'm not a James Last's expert so can you tell which are the best albums by him in your opinion?
What do you think about Piero Umiliani?
My kindly regards.

Roman hat gesagt…

Hmm, the best albums from Hansi... it all depends on your taste, I would say. The most unusual albums (and therefore great work) are certainly "Voodoo Party", "Hair" and "Around the World", which is a hard to get 3 LP Box. But all his records are handicrafted and executed very well.

Piero Umiliani was the inventor of "Mah-Na-Mah-Na", one of my favorite songs from Sesame Street. I only know the rest of his work from my compilation called "Musicaelettronica", so I cannot judge the quality of his entire work. I don´t listen to this hysteric stuff very often...

tito hat gesagt…

Gracias Pinicchio.
Thanks Pinicchio.

I have lowered this disc. It only had some subjects, but not it totality of the album. I thank for your tremendous gentility once again to you to share with the world so many musical wonders.

A great hug for you


Buscoglione hat gesagt…

I agree with you 'cause I listened to "Voodoo Party" and I found it unusual. I asked you about Piero 'cause I thought he was one of your favourites, especially looking at the title of your blog.
Maybe you ought to listen to a wider production from him, just forgetting he was the inventor of "Mah-Na-Mah-Na". Basically I consider his music very evocative in sounds and images, he has a very experimental attitude, besides a solid jazz background(during the 70s he experimented a lot with electronic music, especially with the synthesizer).
A remarkable note in his biography is that,after a severe cerebral hemorage in 80s, at first the doctors told that he was going to die, on the contrary he survived but the brain damage was so extensive that he had to learn everything again, to talk, to read, to write, to play... It took him years to recover. It was only in the last years of his life that he had started to work and perform in public again. Everyone thought that his recovery was a real miracle.
So, basically I wanted to know which kind of sensations James Last's music generates for you, as you'd like to have all his work (everyone has got his own "obsession")?

Roman hat gesagt…

It brings back sweet memories of my childhood, that´s simply all. So there´s no special thing attached to this music. Hmm, maybe there is: James Last grew up and worked about 60 Miles from my home, so we were almost neighbors...