Dienstag, Oktober 03, 2006

James Last - Around the World (1970)

Wow, I almost started a discussion on another blog about sharing files that are not your own. A few people joined this discussion, some pinheads as well, but it was only meant as a comment. So, here are my thoughts concerning this topic:

If you are planning on re-uploading my files and putting the post on your blog, I cannot and I won´t prevent it. It´s good to share music with other people, that´s why I´m doing this, because other people are sharing with me. And to save mankind some everlasting sounds. But please don´t adorn yourself with borrowed plumes (I got that phrase from the LEO dictionary). You may re-tag the files if you want, because mine aren´t tagged at all. But it should be a point of honor to mention the person who gave it to you, because he did the work to bring it to you. He bought the record, he ripped it, he remastered it, he took the pictures of the cover, he edited them, he uploaded the file (which alone takes me about 90 minutes per 50 MB, due to my slow internet-connection!) and he wrote the post on his blog. That should be enough for a little "Thank you", don´t you think?

For those peabrains, who still don´t get my point, here´s a vivid example: Imagine this situation: It´s your birthday and your beloved uncle gives you a Mercedes, which he has bought and restored in many days. Now, whom do you thank: Your uncle for giving it to you? Or Mercedes-Benz for manufacturing the car? Well, I wonder how many letters Mercedes has in their archives...

And another one: Now imagine that you are the beloved uncle. You bought an old car, you´ve restored and refurbished it in many days, and now somebody steals it. The thief gives it to your nephew, because it´s the nephew´s birthday. He doesn´t even mention your name, or where he got this car from, he just tells the nephew: "Hey, nephew, I don´t know where I got this car from, but you should thank Mercedes-Benz for building such a fine car!" Now, if you were the uncle, would you feel happy?

Well, I wouldn´t. To me, it takes a lot of fun out of blogging, seeing other people giving away my work without mentioning my name and / or website. Now, to optimize the sound is a lot of work too. I won´t do it anymore, so you´ll get the real vinyl sound with all the crackle, pops, hisses and other surface noises. Of course I´ll still restore and clean the record itself, but if there´s someone out there who will do the work to remaster this gem, I´d be thankful and I would certainly download it. But now on to the music:

Every real friend of instrumental music should own this James-Last-Box, but it´s pretty rare and therefore very hard to find, especially in a good condition. It contains 3 LPs with one country on each side. That´s in fact 6 countries, Mr. Last has visited musically in 1970: Spain, Mexico, Russia, Italy, France and England. Is your home-country among them? Well, mine isn´t, but Hansi put out a few dozens of other LPs interpreting the music of Germany. This box set resides way up there with a handful of other outstanding records he made, like "Well Kept Secret", "Voodoo Party", "Happyning", his version of "Hair" and many others. Just wait ´til you´ve heard his "Sabre Dance", "Kosaken-Patrouille" or his about 7.5-minute-version(!) of "Greensleeves". And now, sit back in your armchair and take the tour around the world with Sir Hansi and his Orchestra...


Buscoglione hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for this roman, this afternoon I'm listening to this Last and after I'll tell you my impressions.
I felt free to send you an email about Umiliani's music in order to widen your knowledge about him.
Best regards.

Buscoglione hat gesagt…

I'm really delighted for the value and richness of Last's music.
This album is really wonderful and various in sounds.
Moreover I noticed from his album covers he is very eclectic and self-ironical, that's a sign of research of improvement and wider horizons.
Thanks again!!!