Montag, November 27, 2006

Das Hotcha Trio - Mundharmonika Rhythmen 2 (1972)

I did a Blues-Harp workshop recently, when I remembered that I got some great harp-records on my own. Johnny Puleo and Jerry Murad´s Harmonicats have been posted on other blogs and the "Zounds! What Sounds" album by The Polyphonics as well. What do I have left? Well, this little gem by the famous "Hotcha Trio". I cannot tell you much more about this record than you can figure out yourself by reading the title. The Hotcha-Trio were obviously three people playing harmonicas. This was their second LP called "Mundharmonika Rhythmen", so they titled it "Mundharmonika Rhythmen 2". In English: "Harmonica Rhythms 2". If you liked Jerry Murad and his Harmonicats, Johnny Puleo and The Polyphonics, this trio will be suitable for you. If you don´t like harmonicas at all, maybe you want to think about whether to listen to this stuff or not...


julioxo hat gesagt…

Oh, thank you! This is indeed a great post, as usual from you!

JeansMusicBlog hat gesagt…

Roman, they come from my country : Holland !
They started around 1950 and their fame ended at about 1965.
I definitily will get this, must be worth to listen too. Thanks.