Freitag, November 24, 2006

Kai Warner - Oriental Nights (1978)

This is only partly a russian-themed album. On the seventh day, we leave Russia by crossing the Orient with this jewel by Kai Warner, whose real name was Werner Last and who was a brother of Hans (James) and Robert. He released over 60 records both for Polydor and Philips. His debut "Pops For Minis", which was shared before by a fellow blogger (sorry, but I forgot where I got that), was released in 1966 and he released records until his death in 1982. Warner's "Go In"-records did the same for his career as the "Non Stop Dancing"-records for his brother Hans, a.k.a. James. Nevertheless they were not nearly as successful. Beside his own records he arranged and produced several German artists like Schlager singer Renate Kern. Kai Warner's records are still a popular attraction for easy-listening collectors in Germany, especially since nothing has ever been released on CD yet.

This album features the all-popular "Sabre Dance", some oriental standards like "Caravan" and "The Sheik of Araby", plus seven (!) of Mr. Warner´s own compositions. Among them is "Mustafa", which became an all-time carnival favorite in Germany. This album from 1978 is pretty rare and a real collector´s item.

Kai Warner passed away in 1982, and you should enjoy his oriental music.


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Nice sounds this one.

savoadaki hat gesagt…

I've really enjoyed this month's music (your choices are always quite special). Thanks for this one by Kai Werner.

julioxo hat gesagt…

Wonderful album