Montag, November 20, 2006

Jo Ment - Moskauer Nächte (1973)

Day number six in our Russian week features Jo Ment. Jochen Ment played in the big bands of James Last, Bert Kaempfert, Roberto Delgado and in the bands of many other big german names. These big bands consisted of many fabulous soloists (such as Robert Last, "Big" Jim Sullivan, Steffan Pintev, Benny Bendorff and Ladi Geisler), and all of these players were especially notable for playing in a wide variety of musical contexts. Many musicians have been part of these bands for half of their life. Jochen Ment, for example, whose bandoneon sounds made James Last´s "Biscaya" unforgettable, was a great accordion, saxophone and clarinet player as well. Mr. Ment released several albums of his own, among them many "party"-albums. This is Jochen Ment´s version of a Russian themed LP, which were really popular at that time.

Jochen Ment died in 2002.


herm hat gesagt…

Nice album but sorry to say it's not complete !
The second track of the A-side is missing (Kalinka - Anuschka - In Nischni-Nowgorod).

Roman hat gesagt…

Yes, sorry for that, but track 2 had a major scratch in it, which I couldn´t repair. It looks like someone went over it with a knife or something like that.

julioxo hat gesagt…

Thanks for good post