Montag, Januar 15, 2007

Das "Charly-Bar" Trio - Charly´s Piano-Cocktail (1963)

Well, here you have all the favorites from the German charts of the year 1962. Played by the "Charly-Bar Trio", I guess they were the house-combo of "Charly´s Bar", where ever that may have been. But if you´re about to sip a cocktail at Charly´s, please say Hello to the music-trio there and tell them that I really liked their record. Man, this is such a great bar-music sound! Now! Get me my favorite Whisky! I must play this record over and over again and again...


Mephisto hat gesagt…

nice one, I linked it at my schlager blog, I assume you don't mind ;)



Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Very nice album this, soft to ones ears