Montag, Januar 22, 2007

T. W. Ardy - Hammond Happiness (1970)

Werner Twardy was born in 1926 in Oberhausen, Germany, and died in 1977. He was a composer, arranger, producer and bandleader, active in almost every field of music from the 1950s to the 1970s: Typical German pop music (so-called Schlager), movie soundtrack music, German cover versions of Amerian hit recordings, and even Jazz. During his career, he worked with various record labels, for example Polydor. One of Werner´s pseudonyms was "T. W. Ardy". Under that name, he released lounge music recordings outside Germany.

And if you thought, that nobody could press Led Zeppelin´s "Whole Lotta Love" into strict easy-listening Hammond dancing rhythm, then you should listen to this.


Anonym hat gesagt…


Why only 1 track ?
Would love to hear the rest.

Don hat gesagt…

Another great addition for us Hammond lovers. Thanks again, Roman, for another great share!!!

Anonym hat gesagt…


i have a question about downloading..

i can't find the link to download.

i'm very interesting in this LP.

i like instrumental organ music, and specially music played on hammond organs !!!

maybe when downliad link is removed.. please can you make it downloadeblae.. i saw more lp's on this site who has hammond music on it.

is it a problem when i request all these lp's ???

i hop it is not a problem, thank you for help

Greetzzz from holland

Roman hat gesagt…

Yes, it is a problem. The problem is my time. An upload takes me about 2.5 hours. But it only takes a few seconds for some pinhead to get my file removed from the filehoster. So I could upload it again and again and again, and I don´t have time for working or getting new stuff to you...
But I´ll remember to put up some stuff for Hammond-lovers like you in the future. I got a lot of Hammond-stuff, but most of them are not worth a post (in my humble opinion), because the music is only fairly good. But the covers are great, I´ll see what I can do...