Donnerstag, Januar 18, 2007

Paul Kuhn - Happy Berlin (1972)

Paul Kuhn will turn 75 years old this year. He is THE musical icon of Germany´s capital Berlin, although he was born in Wiesbaden. He learned accordion, clarinet and piano and later on he became one of Germany´s leading jazz-pianists. To Schlager-fans he will always be known as the man who wrote and performed "Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii" (There´s no beer in Hawaii) in 1963, a sad story about a man, whose wife wants to spend their vacation in Hawaii, but he wants to stay home. His arguments are that there´s no beer and no cool place, and Hula-Hula only will not quench his thirst. Right on, Paul! Beer´s important to us Germans!

The connection to Berlin came 1968, when Paul became the leader of the SFB-Big-Band (Sender Freies Berlin). Right now he´s touring again with his famous collegues Max Greger and Hugo Strasser. I will introduce those two guys someday too. But first, here´s Paul Kuhn with his hommage to his beloved city of Berlin from the year 1972...


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Hello music friend,

I knew even before I played this track that I would love it and I was right.
I await in exitement if and when you upload the complete album.

Absolutely superb by the way!

Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Can I ask are you thinking of uploading the complete album in the future?

Roman hat gesagt…


I´m not sure if I can find the time. I´m quite busy this year and an upload takes me about 2.5 hours, where my computer slows down significantly. I´m considering posting only single tracks in the future.


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Now that is a real shame, and I will tell you why.
These last 2 shares of yours are the kind I am looking for, and I am upset now that I won't ever be able to hear all those great quality tracks that you constantly share.
I would be extremely happy if you could indeed make those last 2 albums your last complete ones for the foreseeable future.
I do understand the time it takes to upload and prepare as I know quite well.
Please take time and consider my heart felt plea.
I have always admired your shares.


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…


I have just noticed that there are only 10 tracks on that link, I thought there were 14 tracks on both sides.

Roman hat gesagt…

Who said there were 14 tracks on it? There are only 10 tracks, which is quite usual for medley-LPs of that time. All of James Last´s "Non-Stop-Dancing" LPs have 10 tracks, all of Kai Warner´s "Go In" series have 10 tracks, for example. That´s quite normal...

Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Sorry I did not realise that they were melodies, and that you had used the end titles and put them together for each track listing.