Dienstag, Juli 03, 2007

Anthony Ventura - Je T´aime (1973)


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

You have my mouth watering with this lot for sure, what a pity no links with any of them.


Roman hat gesagt…

Hi OV,
this will surely suit you, I guess, it´s really great lush music. All of the records have been published on CD a few years ago, so I cannot post links without infringing someone´s copyrights. But the CDs are not really hard to find...

Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

No problems

georgy hat gesagt…

Very good covers!
For masturbation :)))(pardon!)
From Russia With Love!
Welcome 2 my blog:

Anonym hat gesagt…

Não estou conseguindo baixar a excelente série Anthony Ventura. Por favor, como faço?

P. Antonio

mişon hat gesagt…

thank you