Montag, Oktober 23, 2006

Fritz Schulz-Reichel - Man müßte Klavier spielen können (1964)

First I want to draw your attention to the post on top of my page, called "My lacking lasts". I added a link which leads you straight to my wishlist on "RateYourMusic". I would be glad, if you happen to have one or the other record and consider uploading it. Thanks, and now on with the music:

Fritz Schulz-Reichel was one of Germany´s best piano players. He was born in 1912 and played so called "bar-music", for sitting in a small bar, sipping your Martini, nibbling some peanuts and making your move on the lady next to you. He also was a great composer, most Germans will know his tunes, like "Bon Soir, Herr Kommissar", "Im Café de la Paix in Paris" or "The Man with the Banjo". But the success came with playing songs on a mistuned piano and calling himself "Der schräge Otto", to the rest of the world: "Crazy Otto".
The title of this LP means something like "you should be able to play the piano", to score with women, that is... He also had a TV-show with the same title.
This little gem is real bar-music from 1964, and now you can order a Martini or a Creole´s Cream with 1 or 2 olives, depends on your style. Fritz died in 1990, to salute him, you should order a beer for the piano man...


julioxo hat gesagt…

Wonderful album

Anonym hat gesagt…

My mother and father used to holiday in Germany in the early 1960's. I think it was my dad's way of making friends after the (dare I say it - The War) (I think I got away with it)
They were in a bar one evening and they were playing records for ballroom dancing. They were enthrathed by one particular lp which turned out to be Fritz Shulz Reichell in Einer Bar in Wien. They bought the lp and gave it to me as a holiday gift. Over the years I have had continued enjoyment of Fritz's music on that lp. Now all my lp's are in the garage as we no longer have a vinyl player.
But what a nice surprise to see and hear Fritz's lp on your website. Thank you.

Geoff (UK)