Freitag, Oktober 06, 2006

Sonny Bono - Congratulations, Mr. Hammond (1967)

No, not THAT Sonny Bono! Not the guy who was married to this native American singing sensation, who starred in the Airplane!-movie and who became the mayor of Palm Springs later on. Or is it really him? Did he play the Hammond organ as well? Hmm, I don´t know. And I couldn´t find out either. But there is "Cinderella Rockefella" on it. Wasn´t that Sonny & Cher? Oh, no, that was that couple from Israel, what were their names again? Oh, yes: The Ofarim Family. Or was is just a duo? Abe and Es? What about Gil? Isn´t that their son? But that´s going a bit too far... This is a record from the year 1967, pressed in Austria. Austria is well known for its exports, especially since they brought the Gouvernator to California. So, if you like Hammond-sounds, you should get this record, since this is definitely without Cher. I promise... :o)

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