Donnerstag, April 05, 2007

Klaus Wunderlich - Barmusik (1967)

Sorry for the mess with the "Last of Old England" file, I have to re-up it. My fault... Instead of that, I´ll present you a full album again, as an easter egg. To get some more cocktail music to you, here´s an early work of our beloved Klaus. This one is a barmusic classic, and it´s titled: Barmusik. You can´t get much closer to the point. So, fill up your glasses again and again and relax with Klaus´ wonderful Hammond organ and a piano...


Kevin hat gesagt…

I have some suggestions for a future album download:
Buddy Cole "Powerhouse!"
James Last "Sing Mit Lass' Die Puppen Tanzen"
James Last "Sing Mit 7"
James Last "Sing Mit 8"
James Last "Non Stop Dancing 81"
James Last "Non Stop Dancing 82"

Roman hat gesagt…

Thanks, Kevin. Maybe someday when I got enough time...