Montag, April 02, 2007

James Last - And the Rolling Trinity (1979)

Now, it´s time for some James Last again. On top of the Disco-era, Hansi released this little gem, featuring children´s songs in strict Disco-rhythm. This one may not be suitable for everybody, so beware! But if you like discothequized songs for children, then you should get yourself a copy of this pretty rare LP from 1979. Here you can get an all-time children´s favorite, we´ll take a look at Mr. McDonald´s farm, and I wonder if you can stand this 5-minute-version...


Anonym hat gesagt…

yes, I can see they're not xactly quadruplets but perhaps herr last is not so good with counting, eh?
- or maybe hansi just don't care for coloured girls?
(hmm, don't think so, he's living now in barbados, right?)

Roman hat gesagt…

No, no! Since they´re all models, they are anorexic and they only count 0.75, I guess that´s the answer. And Hansi was last seen in Florida. ("last" seen... Hahahahaha!...)