Sonntag, Mai 20, 2007

Hans Last - Die gab´s nur einmal (1963)

Statt auf Deutsch, hier noch ein Post auf Englisch, weil ich den schon mal irgendwann vorbereitet hatte. Es Handelt sich hier um die allererste LP von James Last: This one is James Last´s very first LP he released, still credited to "Hans Last". I´m a lucky guy, because I was able to obtain a copy in almost perfect condition. A great record this is too, by the way. When you listen to this, it will blow away your sorrows, just as it´s stated in the subtitle of this album: "Das große Sorgenbrecher-Potpourri". But you should hear for yourself, and it helps, if you can speak German, because Hansi is supported by a vocal-group called "Die Rosenkavaliere" on this one. But if you speak German, first you´ll get a lesson in geography for free, because you´ll learn where Kalkutta, Paris and Basel is located...

Hans Last: Kalkutta, Du, Zuckerpuppe, Junge komm bald wieder

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