Montag, Februar 27, 2006

The Frank Barber Percussion - Deep Percussion (1967)

I personally only knew Frank Barber as a notorious Dixieland-performer. I can remember hits like "Icecream" ("You scream, I scream..."). Huaaaah! I´m gettin´ sick again... But this album from 1967 is pretty cool, because it features many hits from that happy-hippie-era. According to spaceagepop this album was originally released in the UK as "Happy Percussion" and was one of the last percussion showcase albums of the Space Age Pop era. This is the German release from the Polydor label. Please enjoy the multi-talented Frank Barber.

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sleepypie hat gesagt…

Great LP, Pinicchio. I downloaded "Raindrops" once because this LP was a choice for Album of the Week on Basichip, but alas, it did not win, so I appreciate you posting it here.

No big deal, really, but this LP was actually originally released in 1969. "Raindrops" and "Midnight Brokeback Cowboy" were from films both released that year.