Mittwoch, Februar 08, 2006

The John Buzon Trio - Inferno! (1958)

Hot, hotter, hottest! I promised I would find something, and this is it. Actually this is lava! Leader of the group is John Buzon. This talented young organist comes up with some of the most astounding orchestral effects produced on the Hammond. Saxophonist Loren Holding, with his Cuban background, is responsible for the Latin American treatment of the great standards. He doubles on clarinet or flute and lends a hand with the maracas, aiding drummer Jack Russell to maintain their driving beat on the cha chas and mambos. Buzon abandoned the usual keyboard trio format, using a second lead instrument, the saxophone, instead of a bass. The result is an appealing blend of lounge and rock that swings and sizzles. Now take your seat in the hottest "Caravan" ever. And don´t forget to crank up your air-condition, ´cause otherwise you might not stand this...


Gwen hat gesagt…

Wonderful share!

This one has gone some many good tracks, some of which made it onto the Ultra-Lounge series. Just a great album.


Gwen Smith

Clayton hat gesagt…

This album has been a thrift store holy grail of mine for years, but I've never found it. Thanks!

Ludovico hat gesagt…

ho boy, I can't hardly wait to fry some eegs on the sidewalk! I can hear the sizzle and feel the deep fry already.

Thanks for your great posts and your always entertaining decriptions. The depth of accumulation of recorded music has astonished me for some time and especially since so many mp3 blogs have popped up.

Mr. X hat gesagt…

While I don't care for the Snake Charmer ending of Caravan, it's the best version of the piece I've heard. 5-stars, danke schön/thank you for posting.