Freitag, Februar 03, 2006

Gil Trythall - Nashville Gold (1973)

This is the follow-up to his "Country Moog" album. You might wonder how anyone could possibly want to listen to weird stuff like this, and I must confess: I have no idea. Maybe country-hipsters, maybe hardcore-countryboys, I just don´t know. I guess these songs would sell pretty good as ringtones, but I´m not sure. But the more you listen to this, the more you can stand the pain. After a while, you may like this kind of music, it´s pretty dangerous. But now it´s your turn to decide: Should I? Am I a real countryboy? Well, make up your mind with Mr. Trythall...


savoadaki hat gesagt…

Variety is the spice of life they say. Not my favourite genre, but I like country music now and then.
Frankly in my decrepit state of retirement, with a hip problem, I am more inclined to lounge/bachelor pad/exotica, which you have provided for in good measjure. Though I can't do much moving about, I do love the Latin music -- now that is much more lively than some of the really dreary country music (which is good when you want to feel sorry for yourself)
Keep it up Pinicchio, I do love the variety you share with us.

Anonym hat gesagt…

How come the Atillo Mineo link of Jan 27 has disappeared so soon? Also Enoch Light's Provocative Percussion? The links have always stayed longer.

ben hat gesagt…

hey man, watch out : "ode to billy joe" is track 8 and not track 4... what happened???

benito x hat gesagt…

I love this stuff, it is so bent, painfull - yes... but great to slip into a Bad Country compilation along with tracks from God Less America (over at

Thanks so much for all your most excellent music! The time limit on the links just adds a sense of urgency to the urge to download!
(with a 56k dialup connection I can never get on top of my list of potential downloads...;)

nomwl1 hat gesagt…

Thanks for the consistently wonderful music! Just for future reference, I think the track titles were mixed up on almost all of the tracks. Just from listening to them, I think the correct track listing should be:

01 - Wichita Lineman
02 - Martha White Theme Song
03 - I Can't Stop Loving You
04 - King Of The Road
05 - Tennessee Waltz
06 - Nashville Moog
07 - Poke Salad Annie
08 - Ode to Billy Joe
09 - Honey
10 - Kansas City
11 - Mockingbird Hill

The only one I'm not absolutely sure of is track #2 & #7, but by process of elimination, this seems to be an accurate track listing. The original listing was the one listed on the front cover of the album, and I think they listed it out of order. Hope this helps.