Freitag, Februar 24, 2006

Richard Hayman - Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine (1969)

Hayman, born 1920, started at 18 as a harmonica virtuoso in Borrah Minevitch's Harmonica Rascals, then went with Leo Diamond when Diamond left to form the Solidaires. Later he worked as an arranger for the Boston Pops and he often served as a back-up conductor for Arthur Fiedler. But his best album is this, an early moog album from the year 1969. If you collect moogy stuff, then this one might interest you.


Sr. Mexicant hat gesagt…

ay ay ayeeee

been looking for this one for a long time, thanks, I love all the albums you've posted.

Si Senooor!

bossanovadreamer hat gesagt…

Thanks! Great album with very nice version of Girl from Ipanema!!

benito x hat gesagt…

excellent album, very cute 'n fun 'n groovy,
that has to be one of the cutest covers ever!
I really appreciate the trouble you go to with your LP covers - always well scanned and comprehensively presented.
thanks for all of your wonderful posts...

Nazz Nomad hat gesagt…

Oh no... Did I miss this? I've been looking for this album for ages! Am I out of luck?