Montag, Februar 13, 2006

Mel Henke - Dynamic Adventures in Sound (1962)

This is the predecessor to "La Dolce Henke" from the same year. Not so ambiguous, but more cartoonish I think this is almost as weird as its follow-up: Cray-see stuff! Sold through the stores as a regular title, this disc nevertheless plays heavily on the description of the technical tricks and studio wizardry used to create the ground breaking effects on this record. Tracks like "Exotic Adventure (Adventure In the Steaming Tropics)" and "See The USA in Your Chevrolet" were designed to push stereo effects to the max. But now hear for yourself...


Sr. Mexicant hat gesagt…

ay ay ayeee
another excellent album!!


aquamann hat gesagt…

aww.. i seem to have missed this download. :(

any chance of you uploading this again in the future?