Dienstag, März 04, 2008

Robert Last - Happy Dancing 3 (1972)


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Hi there Roman,

Apart from really enjoying the music here I find all the info you supply with these posts very interesting and informative indeed, especially about the Last brothers etc.

Would love to hear more of these, as well as Polka Party by Hans Last if possible.

Ah, I am just listening to the tune called Stranger in Paradise, great harmonica playing!

I really do appreciate your posts and you are welcome to have a look at some of my shares if you are interested.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks from Russia!

Quinlan hat gesagt…

This comment does not really belong to this particular post although I must say that I downloaded it and liked it very much.
Thank you for it and also the rest of your blog very much appreciated.
A few days ago I sent you at your e-mail address (roman.schmahl@abwesend.de) URL links for two Crazy Otto vinyls as well as two other links concerning records pertaining to your wish list that I have and ripped and uploaded for you.
I am afraid that you did not receive this mail since I cannot trace any copy of it in my "sent messages" mail box, nor did I receive the requested acknowledgement receipt. And I can see that there was no download on these four RapidShare uploads.
Please could you tell me where I should resend this message (may be in this comment section of your blog?)
Thank you very much

Roman hat gesagt…

Hi there,

the mail address is correct, but I did not get any mail from you. You can contact me via Comment here, I don´t publish personal comments then. Please give me your email-address, if you have a request.



julioxo hat gesagt…

Thanks for this fine post