Donnerstag, Februar 22, 2007

Blonker - Fantásia (1980)

Dieter Geike from Hamburg, Germany, is still an excellent guitar player. That´s what he always was, but not only a guitar player. He is a great composer as well. "Blonker" was his one-man-project, and he composed and performed several great classic guitar instrumentals. Since I could not decide which one to post for your listening pleasure, I bring you two pieces of superb easy-listening guitar, written and performed by Mr. Geike.

I´m not sure whether his LPs were available in other countries or not, but his first one (called "Fantásia") is out of print in Germany up to now. Well, I´m sure that you know his tunes, ´cause they stand right up there, side to side with other great always recognizable guitar instrumentals like Fleetwood Mac´s "Albatross", The Allman Brothers´ "Jessica", Duane Eddy´s "Rebel Rouser", The Shadows´ "Apache" and The Spotnicks´ "Amapola". This is THE easy-listening guitar from Germany. Both tracks are written by Dieter Geike, and I bet that you´ve heard at least one of them before. Here are "Sidewalk Café" and "Indigo" from 1977, both featured on this classic and excellent album. See if you can get yourself a copy of this, it´s highly recommended...

Ooops, I almost forgot: The great cover paintings of Blonker´s albums were done by his pal Ulrich Schütt. Superb artwork that is...


Anonym hat gesagt…

hi there
I was looking for this album since long time! how can I download it?

Roman hat gesagt…

It´s not downloadable anymore. Either you buy the record when you find it, or you can trade with me, which means you should get me something that I want (see link on top of the page).
Thanks, Roman