Freitag, Februar 02, 2007

Claude Meunier - Tanzparty bei Madeleine (1967)

Yes, that is quite a party-record. Feeling good with Claude Meunier and his Orchestra. They throw a party at Madeleine´s! I don´t know who Claude Meunier is or was, but it´s definitely not the actor with the same name, that one was born in 1951, so normally you don´t have an orchestra at the age of 15... But in France? Who knows... They start early over there, people say... But let´s just imagine that Claude is a proud father, who plays his music at the party of his daughter named Madeleine. What a beautiful name that is too! And even the music is great, it has some organ in it! But you should hear for yourself, here´s "The Happy Organ-Player" by Claude Meunier and his Orchestra...


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Nice, but again teasing us as this sounds perfect.
I really do hope you upload these in full when you get the time to.
Many thanks Roman.

Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

I adore your shares, they are simply the best!