Montag, Februar 12, 2007

Fritz Schulz-Reichel - Crazy Otto´s Hitparade (1970)

Here´s a nice record from Fritz Schulz-Reichel, better known as "Crazy Otto" or in German "Der schräge Otto" (mit seiner beschwipsten Drahtkommode). The Hitparade of 1970 had many beautiful titles on it, all played in his unique style on a mistuned piano. And if you always wanted to know what "El Condor Pasa" sounds like when it´s been played without those annoying Inca-flutes, here´s your chance...


Anonym hat gesagt…

Otto my lovely musicant!
Please!Make full album! Please!
My Bee only for me?A?

Roman hat gesagt…

Hi Georgy,
sorry, but I don´t have the time to do that. Please read the text on top of my page...
Thanks for your comment,

Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Hi Roman,
Thanks for the full upload, by the way I have sorted out that link re my Stereo 99 album.



Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Just thought to say that this share is great, just exactly the type of music I collect and love to hear.
Thank you for the time spent, and look forward to any other full shares you release in the future.

Thank you once again Roman, you are a star!

Roman hat gesagt…

Allright, allright... Thanks for the compliments. I´m happy that people seem to like the same music I like. That pleases me a lot... :o)