Donnerstag, Februar 15, 2007

Fischer-Chöre - Das große Spiel (1974)

Yes! Those were the days, my friends, we thought they´d never end... But they ended four years later in Cordoba, Argentina. Hmm... So, you don´t know what I´m talking about? WHAT??? Allright, I´ll explain. But wait: Maybe you can figure it out by youself, you´re living on this planet, aren´t you? Here are some hints: 1974, grass-green record, "the big game"? Got it? Good! Well done! :o)

The Fischer-Choirs were founded in 1946 by Gotthilf Fischer. They mostly sing german traditionals, but they also have classics in their repertoire. THE milestone for the choirs, which constists of far more than 1000 people, were to sing the opening song of the FIFA-World-Cup-Final in 1974, which was called... yes, "Das große Spiel". They performed it together with Freddy (Quinn), THE sailor-icon of Germany. To honor the defeated team at the World-Cup-Final ´74, here you can get an all-time classic, sung by the world´s biggest choir of all time. And to honor the people of Amsterdam, whose soccer-team "Ajax Amsterdam" got defeated by Germany´s Club "Werder Bremen" by 3:0 in the European Cup yesterday, here´s a little tear dryer for you called "Nulpen aus Amsterdam"... Ooops, not "Nulpen", but "Tulpen" ;o)

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