Dienstag, Juni 26, 2007

James Last - In Wien beim Wein (1974)

Let´s travel around the world with Hansi once more: This time we reach Austria. Specificly Vienna. Vienna is not Austria, as you may think, it´s just Vienna. Vienna is something special and the people of Vienna are special too. You just have to see an episode of the Vienna crime-series "Kottan ermittelt", then you know what Vienna is like. Or you simply listen to Hansi´s version of the "Wiener Praterleben", which I took from this LP called "Getting Drunk on Wine in Vienna" from the year 1974. This little gem is also known as the "Sportpalast-Walzer".

James Last: Wiener Praterleben


Old Vinyl hat gesagt…

Hi Roman,

File says it has been deleted.

Roman hat gesagt…

Thanks for notifying me, OV. But it seems that ALL my files have been deleted! Man, I hate rapidshare!!! There are no words to describe that!